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Fragmentation breathes Tyranny

Humanity perceives that it is in it’s best interest to fragment itself through various religious identities, racism, classism etc. But if we allow ourselves to continue the legacy of separation by various religious labels, we continue our disease of separation where we divide the world into insiders who “get it” (a good thing) and outsiders who “don’t get it” (a bad thing), the purpose of life becomes so obvious! Our life work then is to decrease the bad and increase the good in the world. This has been the cause of many of the FB fights we see on posts etc. It appears that every group that was once a victim in turn becomes a perpetrator in some way. We must begin to see ourselves as part of the human family and embrace the world as our community. We must find where we are similar rather than different to gain the compassion and care we need for others, and stop the tyranny breathes from an insular world view. The healing can only begin as we learn to embrace and respect others even though their view point may differ largely from ours. Facebook and Word press are training groundsImage to test your tolerance or intolerance of others, tread wisely.


Beginning to heal your broken heart!

We constantly resist the allure of love while longing for it’s comfort. Too many broken-hearted people, why? Many want to be trusted but don’t allow themselves to fully trust others. And what is this resistance really? It is resistance to experience a bigger life in which our small identity disappears and a greater good is embraced. When we allow love to be our prayer, and we place our hearts on the line, we are truly in a win/win situation, because we are opening the portals where miracles occur, this is the very essence of truly living. We are no longer in a bad re-curring dream where things are not the way we want, but become part of a love story. When the ego is King it resists our genuinely remembering God, because in the recognition of our oneness with Him lies the death of the ego, the end of all fear, and the permission for love to light our way.

Words to Consider

IMG_2185There are two kinds of struggles that we have to face each day. We struggle because we cling to past habits and have a hard time separating ourselves from them. The second struggle occurs because we are attempting to cut loose from past habits. The first struggle where you are clinging to the past habits, is never ending, and will continue to cause you pain and hurt, ultimately defeating your best interest. The second struggle is painful for a while but you end up completely liberated, well, and whole. At some point in our lives we will have to question the status quo and dig deeper, or else we will never achieve the happiness we so deserve!

Part 1: Making a decision to create a new path, not based on past assumptions.

IMG_5476“Some people ask how they can muster up the energy each day to face the a world that they think is a hostile, unhappy place. When they feel so depressed about their lives and they don’t want to face other people, they feel like they just want to curl up and escape everything.

The question is how can we remain positive in a negative world. One answer is that there is alot of positivity in this world, one just has to take the time to see it, embrace it and enjoy it. We miss alot of the joy we can have because we are so caught up in our selfishness and negativity that we miss many moments that can be super!

If we begin to spend more time looking closer at those around us and looking for the beautiful things in them, just like when we go for a walk in the park, we can choose to see the dead leaf or the robin in the nest.

The human mind, on the other hand, uses both positive and negative thinking to try to “spin” the world into something more acceptable based on prior conceptions. For example we might have a mind that is trapped in a religious view of people and society which may not be a healthy conceptualization of the world. In other words we are trapped by our false conceptions of what happiness should look like, and also what we think is the acceptable way that others should behave. This is part of our survivalist instinct, but many times it leads to false assumptions and problems! Making a decision to create a new path, not based on past assumptions can be scary and liberating, but if you don’t venture here then you are stuck.

Instead of staying in the spin, breathe, stay in the present, and the spinning will slow until you face today and this moment with grace, energy and compassion.” LC

Learning To Live in Your Own Skin (Part 1)

There is a growing problem today, that is one of rage, sometimes it takes the form of road rage, domestic violence or rude co-workers. Many are damaged but don’t know how to attempt to fix their brokenness. It is so sad that some people fight against themselves their entire lives and are never happy or content with who they truly are. They believe the lies their parents told them that they were not being “good” children, and that they will not be accepted unless they behave the way mommy and daddy think they should. The duality of their natures have left them perplexed too many a time and has led them to many forms of escapism and vices. Many have to hide to be themselves, because they think they will not be accepted when people learn who they truly are. There are many carrying burdens from childhood, anger that have been pent up for years, because they have not confronted the problems of yesteryear, outbursts are inevitable for there is only so much the psyche can handle.

This may be a reason why many never find happiness, because while it is right under their noses they can’t seem to live in the moment and enjoy the happiness they so much deserve. They are enslaved in their own minds because they are trying to live up to something that doesn’t exist. Some standard set by their parents, by a church or by a teacher about what is acceptable and what isn’t.  These have caused them to feel guilt and insecurity when they do not live up to the high expectations of others. Many times people do not realize the destructiveness of such a life until it is too late. They have not properly let go of their past failures in relationships or of the hurt, guilt and bitterness they have for people who they have been hurt by.

Confrontation is a huge part of healing the body, mind, and spirit. Many decline from it, but it is only when you deal one on one with each issue that has affected you in your past, that you can gain the freedom to move on. You must confront those who have hurt you and forgive them, even if they never asked for forgiveness. For example, if you have a father who doesn’t care about you, you may be upset that he has hurt you, you may care about him, but find it hard to communicate this to him. Well you cannot have a relationship with someone who doesn’t want one, but you can let them know that you forgive them for not wanting one ,and you can let it go in your mind and heart.  You still love them, but you have decided to let go so this has been laid to rest, it cannot hurt you anymore.

Letting go of the things you cannot change and deciding to make strides in positive relationships with those who are in your life presently are all part of the healing process. All are these are conscious decisions that can only make a difference in a life if they are fully embraced. Come face to face with your failures and accept that they have made you a better person. How have they done this? They have led you to keep trying and to have compassion for others who fail.

When we learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are, then we can constructively learn from all of our mistakes and experiences, taking accountability for them, and seeing them as teachable moments instead of reasons for self-hatred. Every aspect of you should be considered and understood, not only the good things, but also the things that you are uncomfortable about. It is only by becoming the master of your thoughts and your mind that you will be able to truly love and truly enjoy every experience whether it be good or bad. We must direct the path our mind takes, if we see if steering off course we must steer it back to the safety of positive, constructive thought patterns. The power that we possess is all in our will, will we choose to possess joy in all that we have to do in life?
There are things about us that we may not quite understand, like why we react so emotionally to some things when other things don’t disturb us in the least. Well there are so many variables that we must consider about ourselves to properly understand why we do the things we do and how we can improve. One of the biggest mistakes people make is having expectations of themselves and others that are too high. The best way to guard against this is by not having expectations of others that they cannot deliver. Then you will be pleasantly surprised when they do deliver!
One very important factor to consider is our very first relationships, were they truly healthy ones? The relationship that we had with our parents affected each of us, was the relationship one of respect and true love, or was it very superficial. If we did not have very meaningful constructive relationships with our parents or siblings, then it is most likely that we have trouble having authentic relationships with people in our lives now. Unless we have made a conscientious effort to improve our relationships, and have taken time to consider and practice better communication with all we meet, then most likely we accept the superficiality of our lives and are just surviving.
Many are self-destructive without even being aware, to break this cycle they need to deal with the issues head on. I hope this article has given you some things to consider about yourself and the people in your life. To stop the trend of self-hatred, we must begin to appreciate our strengths and weaknesses and embrace all of who we are. Today I would like you to embrace the person you are because God created you unlike any other person, you have a unique experience and thus something special to offer the world!

My collie, Clifford was murdered by Coyotes.

When death strikes at home, with the ones you hold closest, what do you do? How do you mourn the loss of a dog who was your friend? Just one more day, if I only had one more day to pet you, hug you, and comb through your pretty hair. Whenever I think of what happened it gives me goose bumps.
We heard growling at night and my husband thought it was our two male dogs Clifford and Bud play fighting, but it was an attack. The growling and fighting kept on going on for too long, and our female dog Pumpkin came close to the house and was barking nervously. I wanted to go outside to check because I had a sense that there was something unusual about the fight, but my laziness overtook and I just went to bed.
The next day we noticed that Clifford was missing, so we called him, but he never came. As this was not the first time he didn’t answer his call we did not think too much about it.  Then later that afternoon we began a search because he had not returned, the children wanted to look for clues around the yard, they found his collar at the side of the road which was strange. The first thought that came to my mind is that someone must have stolen him and dumped his collar there. They also noticed that our other collie Bud had some scratch marks on his snout. The search continued and we finally found Clifford’s body in a field near our home. He was mauled, with a huge gash at his side and his snout all covered in blood.
We called the local dog warden to ask if he could check the dog to let us know exactly what he think happened and he said that the dog had most probably been killed by coyotes since he had other calls that were very similar recently.
My boys were devastated! They loved that dog as a brother… now with the loss of such an awesome pet, I am left very distraught. I hope that some day I will heal from this disaster. I now have a new take on the time that I spend with my animals, I savor every moment with them because you should never take the gift of love and life for granted! Bye Clifford, I will never forget your love and loyalty to this family and your bravery trying to defend the pack from those horrible coyotes. I am glad I had the courage to finally write about this, it has been very difficult, because I miss you so much!