Living life in the present

I stop everything I am doing, because I choose to live in this moment.

I put aside all my hang ups which creep up in my mind about the activity, choosing to trust my heart rather than my feelings.

I accept everyone and everything around me for who or what they are.

I choose to let go of the things that are not going my way, I choose to lose control over everything.

I drink up all the information my senses offer me at the time and savor them.

I consider the feelings and emotions of those around me and think how I would like to be treated if I were them.

I enjoy the input that I receive even if it is not what I expect.

I have no expectations, but to be pleasantly surprised by the beauty I discover in the scenery, people and animals all around me.

I live,  I am happy and free to live for today!


Jelly Dance

Life is like a jelly dance,

You have to turn, twist, radiate to survive;

Pulsating through a sea of thoughts

You must do the Tango to uncover the truth.

The mundane must become a pleasure,

Your talents must be your study.

Let go, unleash the real you, and you will find something scary

The joy and peace you seek for is inside,

You can only possess it if you decide

You must feel the embrace of the partner of your heart…

Your hearts must connect or its all for naught.

A Time To Cry

It’s a time to cry when you are at the end of your rope,
When you have hurt the ones you love with your uncontrollable temper,
When your words cut like two edged swords.
It’s a time to cry when emotions spiral out of control
And you are a victim of your own mouth.

It’s a time to cry when you do not live what you claim to believe,
when you become a fraud, a hypocrite,
Your actions are fickle, you can no longer be trusted.
It’s a time to cry when you no longer appreciate all that has been done for you,
Your life is joyless.
The sparrow has ceased its song when you come around.

What can be done for you my brother, my sister, my friend?
Well check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Life can only stop spiraling out of control as you begin to take responsibility for your actions
Reflect on who you truly are and realize that success in this life begins with a change in your attitude.

World Man

A burden that’s light
or heavy for some,
A burden that we carry until
our days here are done.
Our burdens are different;
We are all the same
World Man carries this load till death;
God’s Man releases this load and he accepts:
The will of He who controls the wind and the rain
For it is in abiding in Him that we are safe.
Fear binds us, supernatural love releases us,
When we decide to try to control reins of our lives,
we are never happy or complete.
But as we let go and let God,
we receive the gift of being burden free!