My collie, Clifford was murdered by Coyotes.

When death strikes at home, with the ones you hold closest, what do you do? How do you mourn the loss of a dog who was your friend? Just one more day, if I only had one more day to pet you, hug you, and comb through your pretty hair. Whenever I think of what happened it gives me goose bumps.
We heard growling at night and my husband thought it was our two male dogs Clifford and Bud play fighting, but it was an attack. The growling and fighting kept on going on for too long, and our female dog Pumpkin came close to the house and was barking nervously. I wanted to go outside to check because I had a sense that there was something unusual about the fight, but my laziness overtook and I just went to bed.
The next day we noticed that Clifford was missing, so we called him, but he never came. As this was not the first time he didn’t answer his call we did not think too much about it.  Then later that afternoon we began a search because he had not returned, the children wanted to look for clues around the yard, they found his collar at the side of the road which was strange. The first thought that came to my mind is that someone must have stolen him and dumped his collar there. They also noticed that our other collie Bud had some scratch marks on his snout. The search continued and we finally found Clifford’s body in a field near our home. He was mauled, with a huge gash at his side and his snout all covered in blood.
We called the local dog warden to ask if he could check the dog to let us know exactly what he think happened and he said that the dog had most probably been killed by coyotes since he had other calls that were very similar recently.
My boys were devastated! They loved that dog as a brother… now with the loss of such an awesome pet, I am left very distraught. I hope that some day I will heal from this disaster. I now have a new take on the time that I spend with my animals, I savor every moment with them because you should never take the gift of love and life for granted! Bye Clifford, I will never forget your love and loyalty to this family and your bravery trying to defend the pack from those horrible coyotes. I am glad I had the courage to finally write about this, it has been very difficult, because I miss you so much!


Miracle dogs, Clifford and Bud!

Here is a great photo of my collies, Clifford and Bud. Miracle dogs from the start! About 6 years ago we were told by a family friend that collies are exceptional dogs to have because they are so gentle and protective with young children. Those were just the dogs we believed we needed after doing some research on the breed. About two weeks after thinking about buying a pair, something absolutely providential happened, we heard a plea from a dog owner on a local radio station. He stated that he owned two collies that would be free to the first person who had came to pick them up, because he had no time for the dogs.
We were so excited after hearing this, we called him right away to set up a time to pick up the dogs. Things became pretty hairy when we arrived to his home, he came out to greet us with the strong scent of alcohol on his breath. He was also behaving like a severely depressed person, complaining about everything. He told us that he didn’t have time to take care of the animals properly, He had no time to walk them, he said he was hoping to give them to a person who had land for them to run around and children to love them.  We were great candidates because we were blessed with both!
Following the owner to the back of the house,  we were able to gaze upon the most beautiful dogs we ever laid eyes on. Even though they were obviously neglected, their hair matted and their necks bloody and bruised from being tied on a short leash for the past two years, we saw their potential. The man began to cry, he said that he wished he could keep them, but he knew that he couldn’t because they were going to be too much work for him as he was sick. We loaded them up in our jeep and headed home with them. Little did we know that they were going to be our best companions ever! These dogs are brothers from the same litter. They have connected in a special way to our boys, they are their brothers too, just part of the pack. LOL!
The distinct personalities of the dogs are fascinating to us, Clifford is the alpha so he keeps his cool while Bud goes crazy at the snap of a twig. Clifford won’t let  any one get by without petting him, while Bud runs when he thinks you are approaching too quickly. Bud is very nervous, maybe from the mental trauma that Clifford has put him through during his attempts of becoming alpha.
My boys and I enjoy brushing them often, collies are notorious for having matted hair, if not brushed. They especially enjoy being brushed and rubbed on their tummies. They are such gentle dogs around young children, great family choice for a dog.
Today my sons were riding their bicycles up and down our street and the neighbors dogs who are quite aggressive attempted to attack my son’s bicycle, our dogs were very quick to fight off the neighbors dogs before they got too close to biting my son. They also guard my younger son whenever he goes outside to play, they walk on either side of him where ever he goes. They also alerted us of both snakes and deer that were close by on our property. I am so grateful for these two pals of mine. It is awesome to know that no matter what they are always waiting with lots of love right outside my door, to greet me and love me just for who I am. My family has been enriched by their presence and loyalty to us, if you don’t have a dog, seriously think of what they can add to your life, and adopt some. There are many dogs waiting anxiously for another chance to love!