Fragmentation breathes Tyranny

Humanity perceives that it is in it’s best interest to fragment itself through various religious identities, racism, classism etc. But if we allow ourselves to continue the legacy of separation by various religious labels, we continue our disease of separation where we divide the world into insiders who “get it” (a good thing) and outsiders who “don’t get it” (a bad thing), the purpose of life becomes so obvious! Our life work then is to decrease the bad and increase the good in the world. This has been the cause of many of the FB fights we see on posts etc. It appears that every group that was once a victim in turn becomes a perpetrator in some way. We must begin to see ourselves as part of the human family and embrace the world as our community. We must find where we are similar rather than different to gain the compassion and care we need for others, and stop the tyranny breathes from an insular world view. The healing can only begin as we learn to embrace and respect others even though their view point may differ largely from ours. Facebook and Word press are training groundsImage to test your tolerance or intolerance of others, tread wisely.


Learning to Live Love

ImageWe are so much like this little guy in our lives, always storing and putting away things that we need and want. This external searching-looking to anything other than love to complete us and to be the source of our happiness–is the meaning of idolatry. But they never really fill us the way that learning to let go and let God will, because when you surrender control to Him, you stop “fighting for yours” and things will fall in their natural, perfect order. An order that has worked from the beginning of time. When you learn to let love be your prayer in everything to do, you realize that time spent on earth is not difficult as it once seemed when you were battling against every one of your responsibilities and seeking an escape. A life of love is safe and wonderful. When we surrender to God, we let go of the attachment to how things happen on the outside and we become more concerned with what happens on the inside.

Living life in the present

I stop everything I am doing, because I choose to live in this moment.

I put aside all my hang ups which creep up in my mind about the activity, choosing to trust my heart rather than my feelings.

I accept everyone and everything around me for who or what they are.

I choose to let go of the things that are not going my way, I choose to lose control over everything.

I drink up all the information my senses offer me at the time and savor them.

I consider the feelings and emotions of those around me and think how I would like to be treated if I were them.

I enjoy the input that I receive even if it is not what I expect.

I have no expectations, but to be pleasantly surprised by the beauty I discover in the scenery, people and animals all around me.

I live,  I am happy and free to live for today!

Mothers are always teaching us!

Whether we are paying full attention or not, mothers are always teaching us something. Children and adults are very sensitive to the facial expressions, mood swings and attitudesImage of their mothers. The atmosphere around a mother can change the environment of the home positively or negatively. She is the most powerful force in the home. Her values are intrinsic to what her children will value. How much of who you are today is because of what you observed in your  mother. This can hardly be quantified.
There are some people who have had dysfunctional relationships with their mother’s, this could have been because their mother’s did not have the tools to teach them how to develop healthy relationships with their children. Should we always hold this over their heads, saying they were bad mothers? No, a mother cannot give what she never possessed. Most mothers do the best that they can for their children. We must be grateful for all that we learned from them and thank them for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly.
So if you are a mother, think about what you have been saying consciously and unconsciously, the overt messages you may be projecting by your facial expressions and reactions can be having a huge effect on your little ones. Your children are a sum of what you have demonstrated to them. It is in your hand’s to break the cycle of what you were taught and to endeavor to be a better mother yet, realizing how powerful your influence is is the first step. From there you can break a cycle and decide to be more conscientious, reacting more from principle rather than feeling can truly help. Sometimes you need to stop yourself and think about how everything you do and say affects your little flock. Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Jelly Dance

Life is like a jelly dance,

You have to turn, twist, radiate to survive;

Pulsating through a sea of thoughts

You must do the Tango to uncover the truth.

The mundane must become a pleasure,

Your talents must be your study.

Let go, unleash the real you, and you will find something scary

The joy and peace you seek for is inside,

You can only possess it if you decide

You must feel the embrace of the partner of your heart…

Your hearts must connect or its all for naught.

Open the Eyes of Your Soul.

Opening the eyes of your soul truly is the beginning of really living! You see life is all about relationships, more importantly “heart relationships.” But how can you have proper heart relationships when you haven’t even taken the time to study your own heart? A major part of studying your own heart is done when you begin to analyze the way you have reacted to situations in your life, have your reactions been positive or negative? Can you make a change by stopping yourself before you begin the vicious cycle of negative comments or attitudes to others, or are you on a roll, a roll which ends in broken relationships and broken hearts? When you choose to stop, and decide to breathe life and healing into the situation instead of death which begins many a time with your tongue, the eyes of your soul begin to open in a whole new way!
So what are some other steps in opening the eyes of your soul? You must accept yourself for who you are now. Stop having great expectations of yourself and everyone else in your life. Accept all of your life as it is now, and the accept others for who they are now. Don’t try to change anyone but yourself. Begin to accept and appreciate all you have endured in life thus far, take accountability for all your successes and failures. Breathe in, and accept all that comes your way each moment in life. Make a decision to live a life with a fresh take at each moment as not to become bored or complacent. Change the way you have always done things as to keep yourself learning, growing and creating new paths in each situation that presents itself to you. These are all features of “Empowered Living.”
Now how do you live a heart conscious life where you are connected to the hearts of others? To do this you need to begin to learn how to win the hearts of those around you, you must try to step into their shoes and see the world through their eyes for this to be successful. When you begin to think of the needs of those you love, rather than your own, you open new doors of heart connections that could have never been discovered if you didn’t take this path. For example, your son is playing with an airplane, around the house, he is making the noises that the airplane makes. You are sitting reading your latest blogs, but the greatest opportunity for heart connection has just presented itself to you. What are you going to do about it?  Think, to a child love is time, yes, your time, the time you spend doing the things he loves with him! So get another toy airplane and begin a heart adventure with your child playing with him, instead of being selfish with your time and serving yourself with blogs. Think of it like this, when you are on your death bed trying to make sense of life, wouldn’t you be happy to know that you won the hearts of your family and friends through the caring relationships you built with them, no regrets, a life full of successful heart relationships is a life worth living!

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23
Pretty weighty proverb written by the wisest man who ever lived, have you ever taken time to give it some thought? Diligent heart keeping is essential to experience healthy character development. The heart in this case represents the health of the mind and all of the abundance of what our thoughts and passions are. Left to ourselves, we are helpless and hopeless sinners, but when we consent to be brought into subjection to Christ, the Holy Spirit cleanses us from all defilement. After doing such, we must choose whether we will abide in Christ or not, this is a moment by moment decision. It is our duty to as a follower of Christ to keep our hearts undefiled. Many seem to think that the religion of Christ does not call for the abandonment of daily sins, the breaking loose from habits which have held the soul in bondage. They renounce some things condemned by the conscience, but they fail to represent Christ in the daily life. They live a religion of show, where they seek to please God by outward show but their heart is far from Him.
They do not bring Christ-likeness into their home. They do not show thoughtful care in the choice of the words they speak to their spouses and children. Too often, fretful, impatient words are spoken, words which stir the worst passions of the human heart. Such ones need the abiding presence of Christ in the soul. Only in His strength can they keep guard over their words and actions.

In the work of heart-keeping we must be instant in prayer, unwearied in petitioning the throne of grace for assistance. Those who take the name of Christian should come to God in earnestness and humility, pleading for help. The Savior has told us to pray without ceasing. We should cultivate a love for meditation, and cherish a spirit of devotion. “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Repeating scripture text when we are going through a stormy season of trial and temptation truly works, because we truly make a decision by seeking the Lord’s wisdom in those situations. As we repeat His words and rebuke the enemy we are imbued by His power and grace to overcome our feelings and live by principle. When we seek first the Kingdom of  God and His righteousness, then our thoughts will be of things eternal, and this will spill out to our actions being loving. To do such will put life and earnestness into all of our endeavors. It is our privilege as Christians to be “increasing in the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:13.  When we exercise, it helps to increase our appetite, and gives strength and vitality to our body, so will devotional exercises bring an increase of grace and spiritual vigor to our hearts!