Beginning to heal your broken heart!

We constantly resist the allure of love while longing for it’s comfort. Too many broken-hearted people, why? Many want to be trusted but don’t allow themselves to fully trust others. And what is this resistance really? It is resistance to experience a bigger life in which our small identity disappears and a greater good is embraced. When we allow love to be our prayer, and we place our hearts on the line, we are truly in a win/win situation, because we are opening the portals where miracles occur, this is the very essence of truly living. We are no longer in a bad re-curring dream where things are not the way we want, but become part of a love story. When the ego is King it resists our genuinely remembering God, because in the recognition of our oneness with Him lies the death of the ego, the end of all fear, and the permission for love to light our way.

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