My collie, Clifford was murdered by Coyotes.

When death strikes at home, with the ones you hold closest, what do you do? How do you mourn the loss of a dog who was your friend? Just one more day, if I only had one more day to pet you, hug you, and comb through your pretty hair. Whenever I think of what happened it gives me goose bumps.
We heard growling at night and my husband thought it was our two male dogs Clifford and Bud play fighting, but it was an attack. The growling and fighting kept on going on for too long, and our female dog Pumpkin came close to the house and was barking nervously. I wanted to go outside to check because I had a sense that there was something unusual about the fight, but my laziness overtook and I just went to bed.
The next day we noticed that Clifford was missing, so we called him, but he never came. As this was not the first time he didn’t answer his call we did not think too much about it.  Then later that afternoon we began a search because he had not returned, the children wanted to look for clues around the yard, they found his collar at the side of the road which was strange. The first thought that came to my mind is that someone must have stolen him and dumped his collar there. They also noticed that our other collie Bud had some scratch marks on his snout. The search continued and we finally found Clifford’s body in a field near our home. He was mauled, with a huge gash at his side and his snout all covered in blood.
We called the local dog warden to ask if he could check the dog to let us know exactly what he think happened and he said that the dog had most probably been killed by coyotes since he had other calls that were very similar recently.
My boys were devastated! They loved that dog as a brother… now with the loss of such an awesome pet, I am left very distraught. I hope that some day I will heal from this disaster. I now have a new take on the time that I spend with my animals, I savor every moment with them because you should never take the gift of love and life for granted! Bye Clifford, I will never forget your love and loyalty to this family and your bravery trying to defend the pack from those horrible coyotes. I am glad I had the courage to finally write about this, it has been very difficult, because I miss you so much!


10 thoughts on “My collie, Clifford was murdered by Coyotes.

    • Thank you so much for dropping a note. He will be sorely missed. Hugz back to you too. 🙂 I guess living out here in the countryside is not all that safe, I thought I would always have my sweet collies to keep me company and warn me of danger out here, looks like I am going to have to get another dog that can fight coyotes, in case they are attacked. A watch dog type, not a cute and cuddly.

  1. I’m sorry to read about the death of your beloved dog, Clifford. When a family member dies suddenly and tragically, it is hard to accept the loss and we ask ourselves “Why?” With time, hopefully we can learn from the loss, remember the lessons and love shared, and cherish the memories of our loved one, kmowing that they are transformed from their earthly life in the form we knew them into a new form. You may find this post helpful in your grieving process:

  2. Living in rural desert in So Cal I have had many run in with wildlife here. It is never easy to loose one, and especially in this manner. Keep your chin up and know he will be waiting on the other side to greet you when your ready.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. 🙂 Have you ever heard of instances similar to this one over there, what do the locals do about this problem where you are?

      • Yes we have it happen all the time. We are very rural and two mile up dirt roads. We have lost one dog (never heard from her again so we assume) and my hubby and neighbor heard theirs get caught by them. I had one dog attacked when I first moved up here in 89. I learned that night and early morning is for the coyotes. Our dogs do not go out alone (they are all small) at night and we have a kennel they can go out in but the coyotes cannot get to when we cannot watch. We have fencing now that keeps them safe. This is the coyotes home and there is nothing we can do about it. So as far as I am concerned I as a dog owner need to ensure my dogs are safe. ps we have rattle snakes too! I hate snakes!

    • Thank you notsofancy. He is greatly missed. I live in Virginia, so this is kind of a wild thing to happen. I failed to add in my original post that we did find the body of the dog about 50 yards from our home in a field and it had a large gash on it’s left side and what looked like bites to the neck and nozzle. 😦 The dog warden told us that cougars usually drag their prey into the woods to devour, but coyotes just kill for killing. Very sad.

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