Open the Eyes of Your Soul.

Opening the eyes of your soul truly is the beginning of really living! You see life is all about relationships, more importantly “heart relationships.” But how can you have proper heart relationships when you haven’t even taken the time to study your own heart? A major part of studying your own heart is done when you begin to analyze the way you have reacted to situations in your life, have your reactions been positive or negative? Can you make a change by stopping yourself before you begin the vicious cycle of negative comments or attitudes to others, or are you on a roll, a roll which ends in broken relationships and broken hearts? When you choose to stop, and decide to breathe life and healing into the situation instead of death which begins many a time with your tongue, the eyes of your soul begin to open in a whole new way!
So what are some other steps in opening the eyes of your soul? You must accept yourself for who you are now. Stop having great expectations of yourself and everyone else in your life. Accept all of your life as it is now, and the accept others for who they are now. Don’t try to change anyone but yourself. Begin to accept and appreciate all you have endured in life thus far, take accountability for all your successes and failures. Breathe in, and accept all that comes your way each moment in life. Make a decision to live a life with a fresh take at each moment as not to become bored or complacent. Change the way you have always done things as to keep yourself learning, growing and creating new paths in each situation that presents itself to you. These are all features of “Empowered Living.”
Now how do you live a heart conscious life where you are connected to the hearts of others? To do this you need to begin to learn how to win the hearts of those around you, you must try to step into their shoes and see the world through their eyes for this to be successful. When you begin to think of the needs of those you love, rather than your own, you open new doors of heart connections that could have never been discovered if you didn’t take this path. For example, your son is playing with an airplane, around the house, he is making the noises that the airplane makes. You are sitting reading your latest blogs, but the greatest opportunity for heart connection has just presented itself to you. What are you going to do about it?  Think, to a child love is time, yes, your time, the time you spend doing the things he loves with him! So get another toy airplane and begin a heart adventure with your child playing with him, instead of being selfish with your time and serving yourself with blogs. Think of it like this, when you are on your death bed trying to make sense of life, wouldn’t you be happy to know that you won the hearts of your family and friends through the caring relationships you built with them, no regrets, a life full of successful heart relationships is a life worth living!


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