Man can shape circumstances, but circumstances should not be allowed to shape the man.

So where I am going with this title, you may ask. Well the question I am addressing here is how does God truly expect us to live our lives in a world that is so unpredictable and so unpleasant at times. I have come to the conclusion that God expects all who realize the sacredness of their life to live a life full of their best output in any given situation. So where do we get the power to score so high in our journey of life? The key is in the power of the will, will we surrender our wills to God so that He is allowed to shape us the way He wants to follow His principles which are eternal? Or will we we continue to act on our feelings and continually fail in many areas?
Many who are qualified to do excellent work accomplish little because they attempt so little. Do you feel like you keep falling into the same behaviors day after day, and that you are spiraling down hill because the things that you really need to accomplish never get done? The same spirit and principles that you bring into your daily tasks will be brought into the whole life. If we give as little as possible of our physical, mental and moral powers to what we have to do in the day, how can we expect that God will choose us to pour His abundant blessings on? The example of such folks is contagious. Self-interest is the ruling motive. If we are guilty of such, we will never be a success in this life or in life eternal, because Christ manifested energy, integrity and diligence in all He did and expects the same of His followers.
Many people become inefficient and unreliable because they evade responsibilities for fear of failure or for just plain laziness. They don’t realize the great blessing that comes for those who persevere through whatever the circumstance may be, those who make a plan and work that plan till they reach the product are those who will reap the most benefit out of life. Man can shape circumstances, but circumstances should not be allowed to shape man. We should take hold of the circumstances as the instruments which can help build our characters for eternity. We are to master them, but should not permit them to master us.
We have a great purpose for living, that is to realize our greatest potential in whatever work that is placed before us. We should never be satisfied with reaching a low standard. We should aim everyday to diligently pursue whatever is challenging us so that we improve through Christ’s grace. God can work in and by and through us as we surrender our hearts daily to His leading and let go of the reigns of controlling every aspect of our day. Let God guide us and follow His lead as our day unfolds, retain our joy when the things that we had planned don’t happen. Consider that God knows what is best for us, so that the plans that He has for our day are perfect, compared to the plans that we may have had for ourselves. When we do such, a great weight is lifted, we accomplish much more, because we begin to do every task to the glory of God. It is in considering the big picture, that the pieces of the puzzle of life begin to unfold.  For example, as we surrender what may be grumpy attitude for a joyful pleasant one, we reap the benefits of having a happier home, or as we have to deal with life changing circumstances, like an incurable disease or a death, we realize that we have no control over these but we can control how we react to them. We must consider that God says in His word that, “all things work together for good to them that love God.”


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