How to Listen With Your Heart

Do we truly understand the power of learning to listen with our heart? Well recently this world has been opening up to me.  It is truly amazing! I have been learning to live each moment in heart richness, because life is not promised to us, it is a gift. We are to savor every moment with those we love and with our natural environment. Everything around is always speaking to us…The question is, are we willing to listen, learn and grow from everyone and everything around us?

If we are teachable in this life,  living in day-tight compartments, we can suck up all the joy and happiness of everything  around us and we will have an amazingly meaningful life. We don’t need to wait for things to happen, but we make things happen, bringing  joy and love into every aspect of our lives. The artificial sucks up too much of our time, we think we are happy in busying ourselves in a world of media and artificial knowledge. The media limits us.

I believe man was made for the natural environment. Spending time being still in nature, sometimes journaling events in the natural world, either by just absorbing the atmosphere around us, painting it, writing about it, truly expands our horizons and energizes us. When we link into the environment around us and we connect to it at an emotional level allowing it to touch the deepest part of our being, we are recharged by the exuberant energy it exudes. I spent time petting my dog this morning and the level of joy I got out of the experience touched her too. I could see the joy in her eyes as she was learning to trust me more because of these few charged moments of love that I chose to give to her. She was connecting with me on a heart level, I could just tell.

This connecting is the same for humans as it is for us with our environment and pets. We are in a give and take relationship with everything around us, the more we give the more we get. You will find this true as you enter into this world of heart listening. We must seek to listen to others not just listening to their words, but by contemplating their viewpoint, placing ourselves in their shoes so that we truly listen with our heart, thereby being a vehicle to connect with their deepest needs. Even if they react negatively to us, we might be the tool to brings that person to a  new level.

When we listen with our heart we not only hear the words that someone is saying to us but we try to understand the reasons that they are saying what they are saying. Maybe they are unhappy or frustrated.  Could we be the ones to help them through their emotional crisis? Or are we worsening the crisis by our unintentional negative reactions? These are all important questions that we should ask as heart seekers.  We must think of how our words and actions will win that heart to recovery.

Our happiness is not dependent on how others view us or how others act. It is truly dependent on how we view the world and if we are  internally fulfilled and contented.  Have we accepted things the way they are, and are we and making the most out of every experience life brings, good or bad? There is not much we can truly change in this life except ourselves. Those other elements of life are chock full of surprises. It is what we choose to do with the information that we receive from the heart connections we develop that will truly lead to complete fulfillment as a human being. Then our reactions to people, animals and elements of our environment will have a new freshness as we squeeze the juice out of every moment!


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